This is a live wallpaper of Mario playing randomly generated levels. Every once in a while, a level ends and a new one begins. There are three themes for levels: outside, underground and castle. They appear in that order.


Have a look at wallpaper's settings! You might find something interesting there. Like the ability to change FPS, or to disable level background (making levels darker).

By default, this live wallpaper is in the playback mode. If you switch it to AI mode, it tends to waste a considerable amount of battery power because of the artificial intelligence, which is rather complex. The fact that the wallpaper is nice enough to be stared at for long periods of time, doesn't help that situation either.

By default, this wallpaper is set up to have a low priority. This is good, but not if your device is running a CPU intensive app. So - if the wallpaper is very slow on your device (something like 2 frames per second), consider looking at battery logs to find application(s) that waste a lot of CPU time.

And, at last, as all my work, this live wallpaper is donation supported too. So if you like it, consider buying me a cup of much needed cofee or a pizza.

See the video of how it looks (thanks to AssaultedGaming from youtube):


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