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Older versions of Mario Live Wallpaper:

MarioLive_093b.apk [Size: 243.01 KiB]
MarioLive_092b.apk [Size: 182.44 KiB]
MarioLive_091b.apk [Size: 232.72 KiB]
MarioLive_09b.apk [Size: 232.27 KiB]



  • 0.94b, published 2010-7-23

    - by popular demand, removed the app icon that was added in 0.93b (now Help)
    - new configuration options: Help, Changelog
    - new group: appearance settings (with a preview)
    - new appearance settings: Background color, Overlaying color (usefull for dimming)
    - increased buffer to make transitions in low priority mode smoother
    - ad space on top of settings is now reserved

  • 0.93b, published 2010-7-17

    - new "playback mode" which saves battery, turned on by default
    - smoother shifting of Mario
    - added an app icon, explaining that this is a live wallpaper, and describing settings
    - removed a limitation which prevented some devices from seeing the live wallpaper on the Market
    - further bug fixes

  • 0.92b, published 2010-6-26

    - bug fixes of force closing due to threading concurrency
    - trying to fix a bug where Mario wouldn't be centered on Evo

  • 0.91b, published 2010-6-26

    - fixed preview bug, where Mario wouldn't be in the center
    - introduced "Always in center" option to force Mario be in the center all the time

  • 0.9b, published 2010-6-25

    - initial release