I've downloaded and installed it. How do I set it up as a Live Wallpaper?

This page describes how to set a live wallpaper.


What is the difference between AI Mode and Playback Mode?

Playback mode uses prerecorded plays, so Mario doesn't think but just "plays back" one of the 1000 or so levels from memory. AI mode makes Mario smart, and he will use artificial intelligence to complete the level. AI mode uses MUCH MORE BATTERY, and also might not work correctly on some older devices due to lack of memory and processing power. 


I've turned AI Mode on and this wallpaper wastes a lot of battery. What can I do?

That's just how the Mario's artificial intelligence is, very demanding on the phone's resources. Turn the AI Mode off or if you absolutely want it, you can disable course background and decrease FPS to remedy the issue. 


Why does this Live wallpaper require internet access?

It's to download and show ads. They appear in the Live wallpaper's settings. 


I can't find this on the market. Where is it?

This live wallpaper is no longer on the market due to a legal claim by Nintendo. You can get the APK file from here.


I can't download the APK. My phone says "Cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone". What to do?

You can not download the APK with your android device! The default browser in Android doesn't support downloading APK files. You can try to download the file with your computer and then transfer it to your device via the USB cable.

Alternatively visit this page to learn multiple techniques of installing an APK.


This is so cool! How about you theme it like this game? Or make another like this other game? Or maybe that game?

This is not likely going to happen because of copyright issues. The Mario Live Wallpaper is made from free and open-source material (check About in the settings) while any other game (even themes from Super Mario) are a no-go because the vast majority is proprietary and copyrighted. 


This LWP is very cool. Thanks! How can I contribute?

In a number of ways:

    * by contacting me if you have any issues, not mentioned in this FAQ
    * by saying thanks
    * by buying me a cup of coffee or a pizza