You can get WiimoteController from the Android Market:

  • visit this link if you are on an android device or
  • scan the following QR code:

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Alternatively you can download the APK of the latest version from here:


[Size: 190.77 KiB ]

How to Install an APK to an Android Device?


Older versions of WiimoteController:

WiimoteController-0-6.apk [Size: 182.79 KiB]
WiimoteController-0-55.apk [Size: 166.29 KiB]
<v0.1 to v0.5 no longer available>



  • version 0.65 Beta, published jun-12-2011

    - new: manual discovery, a way of manually entering bt addresses in case your android device does not detect controllers
    - new: developer messages, enabling the developer to broadcast messages and alerts to users
    - changes in mappings are now applied sooner
    - updated compatibility reporting to include more info about bluetooth

  • version 0.6 Beta, published may-29-2011

    - optimized IME handling
    - added ALL key codes from android, including ones for Xperia Play games (marked XP)
    - redesigned the mapping interface. Mappings were reset to defaults, sorry about that
    - new: mapping profiles
    - fixed a bug where classic controller's D-pad buttons would rotate
    - fixed a bug where too many controllers were detected and connecting would fail
    - fixed a D.I. bug where getAnalogInputStatus would not work correctly

  • version 0.55 Beta, published may-16-2011

    - changed the way wiimotes are detected. A lot of devices should now at least detect them (but may still not be supported)
    - dropped support for Android 1.5 and 1.6. Sorry, had to do it to comply with various licences
    - improved virtual key dispatching. Home screens should now accept input from controllers
    - new: app now reports back compatibility info to help improving future development
    - fixed a bug in the direct interface so now it should be ready

  • version 0.5 Beta, published april-3-2011 [sorry, can't upload right now, technical issues]

    - fixed a bug which prevented this app from working on certain devices like Dell Streak
    - fixed a bad link in help
    - added a short in-app note on incompatibility for the majority of incompatible devices
    - new: a public service for developers that would like to interface with this app

  • version 0.3 Beta, published may-23-2010

    - support for up to 4 controllers
    - support for nunchuk and classic controller (thanks to Mark and Rob for testing)
    - "Disconnect all" feature added in menu
    - added option to disable high thread priority from 0.25
    - all input can be remapped
    - added option to rotate wiimotes sideways (rotates the D-pad)
    - all analog sticks support axis independent digital or analog mode
    - digital mode has an adjustable threshold

  • version 0.25 Alpha, published may-14-2010

    - 30-minute limit has been removed. Enjoy
    - no longer uses Wiiuse
    - ad and donation supported
    - fix for MotoBLUR devices with Android 1.5 (thanks to Ahmed G-E for testing)
    - improved response

  • version 0.2 Alpha, published may-8-2010

    - minimum Android version is now 1.5
    - automatic IME restore after use (see Keyboard settings)

  • version 0.1 Alpha, published apr-29-2010

    - initial version