The app doesn't work! It says "No route to host" or "Protocol not supported".

Your device is most probably not supported. See App Compatibility.


When will app be available for my Incredible/Desire/Legend/Magic/Galaxy S...?

Most likely never. See App Compatibility.


Will this ever work on my Incredible/Desire/Legend/Magic/Galaxy S...?

Probably not. It isn't my fault though. See App Compatibility.


The app finds two wiimotes and then says "Connection refused". What's this all about?

This was a bug that should have been fixed in the latest version (0.6b). If not please let me know so I can have another go at it.


My phone keeps asking me for a passkey. I tried 0000 or 1234 and failed. What is the passkey?

You are not required to pair your wiimote with your android device. Just turn on bluetooth and use the app. The wiimote is a pairless device so pairing is not required.


The wiimote connects but there is no response in my (s)nesoid/gensoid/gameboid/etc.

Three things need to be done for this to work (apart from connecting):

  • you need to choose WiiControllerIME with the second button
  • in your emulator you need to enable Use input method in Settings (if there is no such setting, update your emulator!)
  • in your emulator you need to map wiimote's keys to game keys. You can do that in Key mappings inside each of the emulators' Settings


I have an unoriginal controller (like Nyko's for example). Now when I connect, the phone starts polling the data, but shortly after times out. What to do?

Unfortunately, unoriginal wii remotes and classic controllers cause issues such as abruptly disconnecting and misidentifying themselves. It's best to stick to original Nintendo hardware. The only confirmed piece of equipment that doesn't cause issues is the Datel's Retro Wireless Controller so if you've confirmed that your device works with WiimoteController app, you're safe to purchase either this or the original Nintendo controller.


I tried syncing the wiimote but WiimoteController says it found 0 wiimotes. What now?

You might have a newer model of the wiimote. Check this by looking for the model number at the bottom of the wiimote near its expansion port. If the model number is "RVL-036" then this is a newer wiimote. These wiimotes are not yet supported but there's a hack to make them working. Read on to see how to do it.

Manual syncing might get you connected in a stable enough fashion so that you'll be able to use the wiimote. Go to the app's Preferences, then select Connection settings -> Manual discovery. Enable the option named 1st controller's address. The app will ask for your wiimote's bluetooth address, also called a MAC address. You can get this address in multiple ways, see this site for instructions. After entering the address and pressing OK, do the same for other wiimotes if you wish to connect more than one at the same time. Then go back to the main screen of the app and try your luck connecting again, but this time instead of "1+2" use the red sync button under the battery cover of all wiimotes you're trying to connect. The app will warn you that it won't find any wiimotes automatically but will instead only try to connect to the one(s) you've just defined. If you want automatic detection again at a later time, just go to the same preference page and disable all options for controller's addresses.

Remember: after all this you may still get a weird error like "No route to host". This means that either your android device is not compatible with WiimoteController (see the first question in this FAQ) or that there actually is no route to at least one of the wiimotes you've defined in preferences -- meaning your android device did not find the wiimote. All wiimotes that are enabled for manual sync, have to be present and in sync mode for the connection to succeed. If this is not true, go to the aforementioned preference page and disable the ones not present.


I need help figuring this app out. How do I connect? How do I use this?

See this video. The first minute shows how to connect the wiimote. The last minute shows how to set it up in an emulator.


I'm not installing this! The thing can read all my passwords and credit card numbers!

What you saw was a message from Android warning you that you're about to enable a 3rd party input method. All input methods (like Swype, AnySoftKeyboard, HTC_IME, etc) get this message. Even if my app was malicious (which it isn't), it coudn't actually capture anything without being active. And even when active, it could only capture input from your wiimote. Long story short, you have nothing to wory about.

Why does the app require internet connection then?

It's to download and show advertisements.


Will you be developing something like this for PS3 controllers?

Yes. The process is in early stages right now though. Check out this video.


I am a developer. Why would I want to interface my app with yours directly when I could just use the IME interface and get all controllers automatically supported?

By interfacing with my app directly, you get more information about controllers. Details about the direct interface can be found here.

This is not to say you shoudn't also implement the IME interface. Other controllers than wiimotes are still possible and this is still the most universal way in Android of getting user input. WiimoteController app disables its IME automatically when the direct interface is being used so events do not conflict each other.


I have an issue not mentioned in this FAQ.

Contact me via email []. It is in my interest to make this work on as many devices as I can, but I can't do much if I don't actually have access to a device. Please be aware that if you have an unsupported device then I will not be able to make it work.


This app is great! How can I contribute?

In a number of ways: