I've downloaded and installed it. How do I open it?

This page describes how to set a live wallpaper.


My video loads but it's very jerky/looses frames alot, and it makes the home screen app very slow. What to do?

Not every codec and format is the best choice for the Video Live Wallpaper. The maximum video resolution recommended is 854x480, the maximum FPS at that resolution is 23.976. You can go as high as 30, but then decrease the resolution. MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MJPEG and MPEG-4 are the best codecs to choose from, while h263 and h264 are two of the worst possible ones because they are complex. If you have your video in a .flv or .mp4 format, try converting them to .mpg or .avi. In any case, please read this page (also embedded in the live wallpaper's help) to learn which kinds of videos are good and which aren't.


Why is there no sound? Will sound ever be supported?

Sound will likely never be supported, because:

  • it's extremely hard (with some codecs even impossible) to sync live wallpaper video to its audio due to how live wallpapers are handled (they often have to pause, they are often killed or slowed down by android in order to make swiping look smoother, for example, etc.)
  • sound just doesn't belong in an app that would play it all the time (or at least all the time that you're on a home screen). Shorter non-spontanious sounds are fine in a live wallpaper, but a long-lasting sound that never stops just starts to annoy the user after a while. Imagine for example you're in a meeting/at your job/in class and you can't even check the time on your phone without interrupting the said event. Imagine someone calling you and you suddenly hear two sounds out of your phone. Imagine listening to mp3s and being in the home menu at the same time. Sound just shoudn't be a part of any live wallpaper.


Please enable Move to SD.

No. Live wallpapers shouldn't be movable to the SD. To learn why, read the official developer guide by Google.


Why does this Live wallpaper require internet access?

It's to download and show ads. They appear in the Live wallpaper's settings.


I can't find this on the market. Where is it?

Try to access it on your device directly using this link. If your Market can't find it then you probably have a version of Android prior to 2.1 which doesn't support Live Wallpapers.


I've downloaded the APK but I don't know how to/can't install it. How do I do it?

Please read this page for detailed instructions.


I can't download the APK. My phone says "Cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone". What to do?

Try downloading the app from the market first. If you can't, then download the APK with your computer and transfer the APK to the phone's SD Card. Or download with your phone using a downloading app, like ByteTornado.


This LWP is very cool. Thanks! How can I contribute?

In a number of ways: