This is a blank live wallpaper that allows you to set your own video as a live wallpaper animation! Lots of codecs and formats are supported.


You need to have your own video (preferably in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 or divx) and set it in the Live Wallpaper's preferences. You can also set an entire folder (and optionally all its subfolders) and the Live Wallpaper will choose between all videos inside (randomly or not, your choice).

It's also possible to set another app to provide videos to Video Live Wallpaper. Check out the official Video Live Wallpaper Catalog: see its home page, or get the catalog itself on the Play Store.

If you don't have any videos to play with, try this one or this one or this one. Download them with your computer (right-click them and select Save as...) and transfer them on your Android device, or downoad with the Android device directly (a common download destination is /sdcard/download). Then select one of them with the Video Live Wallpaper.

Sample videos from the last paragraph are all reencoded electric sheeps designed by cqfd93 of the electric sheep project. Original links to the sheeps: 22906 | 22706 | 22551

The preferences of the Video Live Wallpaper include Help which should help you get started with making your video(s) as live-wallpaper-friendly as possible. A copy of the same help document can also be accessed from here if you want. 


See the video of how it looks (thanks to callmehotrod from youtube):


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It should be noted that VLW uses a dinamically linked FFmpeg library, licensed under the LGPLv2.1. The source code for FFmpeg was taken directly from the amazing Rock Player project by Redirect Intelligence. The source code can be found there, or directly here.