You can get Video Live Wallpaper from the Play Store:

  • visit this link or
  • scan the following QR code:

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How to Open a Live Wallpaper?


Alternatively you can download the APK of the latest version from here:


[Size: 3.08 MiB]

How to Install an APK to an Android Device?

How to Open a Live Wallpaper?


Older versions of Video Live Wallpaper:

VLW-084b.apk [Size: 2.16 MiB]
VLW-083b.apk [Size: 2.16 MiB]
VLW-082b.apk [Size: 2.16 MiB]
VLW-081b.apk [Size: 2.16 MiB] 
VLW-080b.apk [Size: 2.16 MiB] 



  • 1.00, published 2013-01-27

    - updated rendering engine
    - video rotation is now taken into account
    - added support for application providers
    - a warning now appears if the chosen video's resolution is too high
    - the file chooser now hides directories that contain no videos
    - the file chooser now remembers the last directory
    - the file chooser now goes up a directory if the back button was pressed
    - various stability and memory improvements
    - support for devices with x86 architecture
    - additional permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is now required by some devices to play videos
    - additional permission ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is now required by the ad publisher

  • 0.84b, published 2011-03-20

    - fixed a bug which prevented this app from working on certain devices like Dell Streak (thanks to guyver3869 for testing)
    - fixed a minor memory usage bug, still working on the bigger one

  • 0.83b, published 2010-12-06

    - fixed a bug where memory consumption would slowly raise and eventually crashed the app
    - a new feature/setting called Rendering mode is introduced

  • 0.82b, published 2010-10-13

    - fixed a bug where changelog kept showing in settings. Sorry about this!

  • 0.81b, published 2010-10-13

    - fixed a bug where selecting certain directories would cause force closes
    - fixed a bug where selecting a different video file would have no effect (thanks to rod for discovering the bug)
    - corrected grammatical errors in help

  • 0.80b, published 2010-10-09

    - initial version