What is this app good for?

This app shows you a bluetooth (MAC, Media Access Control) address of your bluetooth device. A MAC address looks something like 11:22:33:44:55:66 and it uniquely identifies any bluetooth device. This app was primarily created to aid in finding bluetooth addresses of wiimotes for my other app WiimoteController, which has an option to manually enter addresses of wiimotes. But this is not the only use case for this app as it shows the address of any bluetooth device, not just wiimotes.


This app doesn't find my bluetooth device. What should I do?

First make sure that your bluetooth device is in discovery mode and is set up to be visible to other devices. The app might take a couple of seconds to register nearby bluetooth devices. There is a chance that your android device might not be able to see the type of bluetooth device you want to use with this app. In such case no address will appear. You can try using this app on another android device. A discovered address is just as valid if discovered with another android device.


The app finds more than one address and I am not sure which one is the right one.

There are two possible explanations. Either there are other bluetooth devices in your android device's range and it is picking them up, or it is picking up other MAC addresses. See the next question for the explanation why it would do something like that.


The app finds an address but it does not appear to be the right one.

It is possible that the app is picking up other MAC addresses. This app looks for addresses in two different ways: the normal way with the bluetooth discovery procedure, and by looking through your android device's system logs. If it finds any text that resembles a MAC address, it will show it. This means that any MAC address that appears in system logs, will show up. In general, while the probability is high, there is no guarantee that an address that shows will be your bluetooth device's address or even a bluetooth address for that matter; it may very well be a Wi-Fi device address too. You can try turning off all communications but bluetooth (like Wi-Fi and cellular data) and then try searching again.


I can't find this on the market. Where is it?

Try to access it on your device directly using this link. If your Market can't find it then you probably have a version of Android that doesn't support this app.


I've downloaded the APK but I don't know how to/can't install it. How do I do it?

Please read this page for detailed instructions.


I can't download the APK. My phone says "Cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone". What to do?

Try downloading the app from the market first. If you can't, then download the APK with your computer and transfer the APK to the phone's SD Card. Or download with your phone using a downloading app, like ByteTornado.


This app is cool. Thanks! How can I contribute?

In a number of ways: