What is this app good for?

You can use App Dialer to quickly find any app installed on your android device. If you have a large number of apps installed you will quickly appreciate the speed with which you can find and start them with App Dialer.


How to use this app?

You are encouraged to see the in-app tutorial which provides all the basic info to get you started. If you've skipped it on the first run, access it by pressing the menu button, selecting Preferences and finally Tutorial.


I can't find this on the market. Where is it?

Try to access it on your device directly using this link. If your Market can't find it then you probably have a version of Android prior to 1.6 which doesn't support this app.


I've downloaded the APK but I don't know how to/can't install it. How do I do it?

Please read this page for detailed instructions.


I can't download the APK. My phone says "Cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone". What to do?

Try downloading the app from the market first. If you can't, then download the APK with your computer and transfer the APK to the phone's SD Card. Or download with your phone using a downloading app, like ByteTornado.


This app is very cool. Thanks! How can I contribute?

In a number of ways: