You can get App Dialer from the Android Market:

  • visit this link or
  • scan the following QR code:

    Please enable images to see the QR code.


Alternatively you can download the APK of the latest version from here:


[Size: 203.63 KiB]

How to Install an APK to an Android Device?


Older versions of App Dialer:

appdialer-3-0.apk [Size: 198.03 KiB]
appdialer-2-0.apk [Size: 195.20 KiB]
appdialer-1-0.apk [Size: 182.48 KiB]



  • 4.0, published 2012-06-30

    - changed all references from Android Market to Google Play Store
    - improved Google Play Store page handling
    - improved hardware key handling (now you can use D-pad center or Enter to launch the top listed app - thanks to azrash for the suggestion)
    - now possible to add shortcuts to the homescreen via the long-press menu (thanks to cemysce for the suggestion)
    - added a filter to show partially installed apps (apps that get lost if the SD card is damaged or removed)

  • 3.0, published 2012-02-08

    - added Order by importance, which improves ordering of hits
    - added an option to auto hide the on-screen keyboard when interacting with the app list

  • 2.0, published 2012-01-08

    - added the long-press menu with options to see App properties and Android Market page of the app
    - added Pin to top to the long-press menu
    - added Exclude from auto close to the long-press menu
    - added Filter to the app's main menu for managing pinned and excluded apps
    - the notification icon now appears on device startup if enabled
    - fixed an app-specific issue 

  • 1.0, published 2011-12-21

    - initial version